Hotelplan establishes a subsidiary in France with its headquarters in Paris.


Hotelplan establishes another subsidiary in Holland.


A Hotelplan office is opened in Milan followed by the establishment of Hotelplan Italy. Group tours to Rome and Capri are incorporated into the programme.


After the war, the only tourists able to travel to Switzerland are English, as this is the only country which has the currency to travel abroad. 8,000 English tourists travel to Switzerland with Hotelplan in 1946, benefiting from more than 100,000 nights accommodation.


The first foreign trips are organised to Milan, Venice, Florence and the Riviera.


Holiday requirements change because of the war. Hotelplan allows for this development as far as possible by creating new short stays, tours, special discount holidays etc. A 7-day all-inclusive family holiday in Lauterbrunnen costs 66 francs, and is half price for children up to the age of 6.


In order to get through the difficult war years and, according to its motto, to guarantee full employment for staff, Hotelplan takes over various administrative divisions – affiliated Migros operations.


At a time when petrol is rationed and rail journeys need to be reduced to a minimum, Hotelplan launches its “Cycling holidays” campaign, which immediately attracts more than 5,000 cyclists.