Hotelplan acquires 97 % of Esco’s share capital. In close cooperation with Hotelplan, Esco primarily becomes an air travel organisation.

Total turnover exceeds 50 million.


Hotelplan takes an increasing interest in holidays in the Far East. The first trips to India and Japan are organised.

Esco’s figures are poor, and by agreement with Hotelplan, it becomes a limited company.


In partnership with the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, the “Riviera Beach Club”, the first Hotelplan holiday village, is created. It is located close to Hyères, facing Levant and Porquerolles islands, in the South of France.


This year witness the establishment of Esco-Travels GmbH (European Study and Contact Travel) with its business headquarters in Zürich.


The Hotelplan Group’s turnover passes the 20 million mark.


Hotelplan sets up a new feeder service for Dutch and English guests, 12,000 Dutch, English and Belgian tourists make use of it.