On 31st October 1999, Tourisme Pour Tous (TPT), the Hotelplan subsidiary based in French-speaking Switzerland, takes over Royal Tours, Switzerland’s leading Morocco specialist with its headquarters in Geneva. This takeover reinforces TPT’s position as a specialist in western Switzerland.

In mid-November, Hotelplan’s sixth Horizonte property is opened in the Maldives – the Palm Tree Island Resort consists of three unique, connected islands Dhigufinolhu, Veliganduhuraa and Bodu Huraa.

Hotelplan Italy acquires 100 % of the shares in the long-established, well-known travel company“Turisanda” with its headquarters in Milan.

Hotelplan Holland acquires a majority shareholding in the travel agency chain “Van Staalduinen B.V.”, which owns eight travel agencies in central Holland.

Another record year for the Hotelplan Group, which further consolidates its market position during the financial year 1999 and is able to continue expanding. The extremely satisfactory trading figures are not merely the result of acquisitions of service providers, but are entirely generated by its own efforts. Regardless of renewed stiff competition, the number of passengers increases by 8.4 % to 2.27 million. Turnover rises by 9.4 % to 1.94 billion francs. For the first time, the percentage of turnover for all foreign companies – i.e. England, Holland, Italy and France as well as the Interhome Group which operates in around 14 countries – represents approximately half of the consolidated turnover. Operating profit (EBIT) improves by 26.0 % to 44.92 million francs.


With holidays for over 2 million travellers from Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, France and the Netherlands, the Hotelplan Group generates a turnover of 1.77 billion francs. The financial results once again beat the previous year’s records.

The Hotelplan Group’s own Horizonte Club and hotel facilities expand their range with a fifth property in Djerba, the ***-Hotel Meninx, a newly renovated, typically Moorish style hotel.


A reorientation of the Hotelplan Group on the Swiss market: in a market characterised by mergers and alliances, the volume related advantages of procurement and handling are increasingly significant. In terms of management, the previously competing domestic companies ESCO Reisen (including Parianos) and Hotelplan Switzerland (including Tourisme pour Tous) are brought together under a single roof as the “HP Swiss Group”. In addition to centrally managing the flights business and coordinating hotel procurement, other partnership opportunities are unearthed within the HP Swiss Group, including tour organisation, commercial policy, sales, IT and communication. With a clear brand policy, the company’s image for clients is improved: The Hotelplan brand is positioned as an all-round operator, the Esco brand as a specialist in certain regions and the M-travel brand as a low-cost provider.


Hotelplan Holland takes over the Maastricht based travel company Schoenmaeckers B.V.with a network of 5 branches in the south of Holland.


Inghams Travel acquires ‘Bladon Lines’, a company specialising in chalet holidays.


Using a MD-11 long range jet belonging to Swissair, Hotelplan Switzerland and Hotelplan Italy flyaround the world in 23 days


The increasingly difficult economic climate forces the French subsidiary of Hotelplan to consolidate its strengths. Hotelplan France moves its head office from Paris to Mulhouse and will focus more the markets in the Alsace and Rhône-Alpes regions in future.


The Hotelplan subsidiary ESCO Reisen AG expands into southern Germany with the opening of 7 new travel agencies.


Despite a great reluctance to book holidays and trips because of the gulf war and the difficult economic climate, the results for the Hotelplan Group as a whole, and Hotelplan Switzerland, ESCO Reisen AG, Interhome and Inghams Travel in particular, are once again very good. Net profit exceeds 10 million francs for the first time.


Turnover approaches a billion: With almost 1.5 million travellers and an annual turnover of more than 1 billion francs, at the beginning of the 1990s, the Hotelplan Group becomes one of the ten largest companies in the European travel sector.

A historical milestone in the company’s 55-year history is celebrated over the Easter weekend of 1990, with the successful launch of the computer link between Hotelplan and INTERHOME.

Hotelplan Switzerland increases its turnover by 10.2 % to 379 million francs. The USA programme, city breaks and the M-travel range are very well received by customers, and flights from Basel-Mulhouse are extremely successful in their first year.

On 31.10.90, the long-established travel company “Tourisme pour Tous” (TPT) based in French-speaking Switzerland is acquired, bringing with it its tour operating business as well as 9 travel agency outlets.

Finally, the opportunity is taken, thanks to the favourable climate on the property market, topurchase two office buildings in Zürich (Hotelplan’s headquarters) and Basel (ESCO’s headquarters).