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Strategy & Vision

As a travel group, we improve the quality of life of our customers by creating exceptional travel experiences. Our vision: The company aspires to be the most popular tour operator in its markets thanks to an outstanding customer experience and a commitment to sustainability.

Our Group strategy provides the framework for the direction of the individual business units of the Hotelplan Group. Under the name ONWARDS! we aim to deliver an excellent customer experience and strengthen our commitment to sustainability.

As a Group, we invest specifically in the following areas:
We need motivated, committed and passionate employees to make our vision a reality. That’s why the targeted recruitment, development and long-term retention of our employees is so important to us. The working environment needs to be attractive and flexible – characterised by openness, trust and cooperation. We encourage our employees to take responsibility and help shape the travel experience of today and tomorrow.

We strive for digital, personalised solutions for our customers and combine the online and offline customer journey to create a memorable experience – from the first contact with our customers to their happy homecoming.

A key component of the strategy is our comprehensive approach to sustainability, focussing on three areas: “One Planet”, “People & Places” and “Responsible Business”. You can find more detailed information on our sustainability strategy here.

We invest in a flexible and scalable infrastructure, and in solutions for the entire Hotelplan Group. We use digital solutions to become even more efficient and establish automated processes.

Our strategic business areas:

  1. Beach holidays and city breaks – affordable holidays with outstanding digital self-service and personal support as and when needed
  2. Specialists – exceptional and customised travel experiences with personal, high-quality service
  3. Holiday apartments – selected and high-quality holiday apartments and holiday homes for our guests as well as a secure and attractive source of income, high service orientation and digital solutions for our homeowners
  4. Business travel – integrated solutions for our business customers with excellent service

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