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Committed to sustainability

Exceptional travel experiences are based on an intact environment and a stable socio-economic system. Accordingly, the Hotelplan Group is committed to a holistic sustainability strategy. This includes ecological, social and economic aspects, which are underpinned by the concept of "One Planet, People & Places and Responsible Business" with initiatives and projects at Group and company level.

EN Framework Nachhaltigkeit

Responsible Business

Our employees
Motivated, committed and passionate employees are the foundation of the Hotelplan Group. The Hotelplan Group has therefore set itself ambitious goals and underlines these with, among other things, training opportunities in the area of sustainability and binding measures to promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our offices
The Hotelplan Group operates almost 200 locations and offices across Europe. As part of the "Green Office" initiative, the Hotelplan Group implements various measures to operate the locations as sustainably as possible. In addition to binding measures in the areas of energy, water and recycling, the companies of the Hotelplan Group implement further location-dependent initiatives such as the installation of e-charging stations.

One Planet

Climate protection
Slowing down climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. For this reason, the Hotelplan Group signed the "Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism" of the UN World Tourism Organisation which was launched as part of Cop-26. The Hotelplan Group is thus committed to halving its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and to achieving net zero by 2050 at the latest. The Hotelplan Group is thus committed to making its contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement. Additionally, the Hotelplan Group takes responsibility for its own carbon emissions. Since 2022, the group has paid a direct climate protection contribution for the greenhouse gases that it emits directly and has not yet cut.
Transparency regarding the climate impact of a trip is a key element in informing and advising customers. The Hotelplan Group is therefore actively involved in the Futouris industry project on climate protection (see Our Partners) and in the KlimaLink association for more transparency and uniform calculation and presentation of CO2 emissions. Explore, the soft adventure specialist of Hotelplan UK, is the first brand of the Hotelplan Group to show the CO2 footprint of the entire trip. This helps customers to include emissions as an additional decision-making factor when booking a trip.

In addition to the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services is already in full swing. The impending collapse of biodiversity therefore requires immediate action. The individual business units of the Hotelplan Group are committed to projects for the protection of biodiversity. The Interhome Group, for example, is committed to the preservation of bee populations. With the help of local partner Beesark, 100,000 m2 of flowering meadows are being planted for bees and other animal species in the Klagenfurt region of Austria and left entirely to nature.

Animal encounters are a popular part of many Hotelplan Group travel offers. The travel group believes it has a duty to take active responsibility for the humane treatment of animals and aims to offer authentic and ethically responsible holiday experiences that take into account the interests of customers, local communities and animal welfare; Hotelplan Group has therefore introduced an Animal Welfare Policy. With this initiative, the company sets minimum standards for the protection of animals in all business units. Furthermore, activities and facilities with dolphins or whales in captivity, as well as elephant rides, are excluded from the company’s own portfolio.

People & Places

Our customers
The Hotelplan Group is constantly working to offer its customers sustainable alternatives. This includes the further development of products, adapted to the customer expectations of the various source markets. For example, since spring 2022, customers have been able to book train package holidays conveniently and easily with Migros Ferien. In addition, customers are actively informed about ways in which individual holiday stays can be made more sustainable.

Our partners
Since February 2022, the Hotelplan Group has been a member of Futouris e.V., the sustainability initiative of the tourism industry. Together with partners in the industry, the Hotelplan Group is working, among other things, for greater transparency with regard to the climate impact of travel. Other industry projects, as well as Hotelplan Group-specific sustainability projects, are implemented in cooperation with Futouris.
Thanks to the cooperation with EcoSki, customers can rent their entire ski equipment, including clothing, instead of buying it.

Both the business travel provider Finass Reisen, which is part of the Hotelplan Group, and all branches of Hotelplan Suisse, in collaboration with the airline SWISS, have been offering customers the opportunity to purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) since 2022 and thus make their travel more climate-friendly.
Another strong partner of the Hotelplan Group is the myclimate foundation. Through the M Climate Fund, which is operated by myclimate in close cooperation with Migros, the shareholder of the Hotelplan Group, Hotelplan Suisse, the Interhome Group, vtours GmbH, Finass Reisen and bta first travel AG make direct contributions to climate protection and support selected projects.

Our places
In the financial year 2021/2022, customers of the Hotelplan Group travelled to around 190 countries. This obliges the travel group to continuously analyse its own offers in order to identify and further develop place-based, local and/or nature-related developments at an early stage. The participation of the local population is of central importance.

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