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Why working at the Hotelplan Group

Because we have the most beautiful product: Organizing the most beautiful time of the year. Bringing people closer to different cultures. Enable recreation. Inspiring travelers, creating and strengthening friendships.

Because we are all about people and their needs. About our employees and our customers. We want all our employees to be able to develop their full potential. That's why we promote and challenge with passion. Mutual trust and support form the basis for this.

Because we offer a wide range of development opportunities – from apprentices to management positions. We also attach great importance to well-trained junior staff. That's why we train approximately 100 apprentices in the commercial and IT sectors.

Because you can make a difference with us. We are big enough that we can make a real difference and tackle issues head on. But we're also small enough that we can test and implement things quickly, straightforwardly and pragmatically. In every role.

Because we offer attractive benefits for our employees – especially for travel freaks like us:

  • Travel benefits
  • Preferential conditions with various tourism partners
  • Participation in professional development courses
  • Internal training courses
  • Unpaid leave at all levels

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