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From socks to sex toys: the five things that are most frequently left behind after skiing holidays

InterhomeFebruary 6, 2023

Skiing holidays can prove so relaxing that we often end up forgetting some of our belongings in our temporary accommodation when we leave. Interhome Group presents a list of the five things most frequently left behind at the end of skiing holidays. The results are based on surveys by the holiday-home agency's own local service offices at winter sport destinations in Switzerland, Austria and France.

Socks and underwear
It's hardly surprising, but socks and underwear come top of the list. After a long day on the pistes, there's often a battle to see who can get a hot shower first. So that means stripping off as quickly as possible, hopping under the shower and then changing into comfortable jogging pants. However, at the very latest when returning home, all those various items of clothing should find their way back into your luggage – which often appears to be rather hard. Especially if it's socks and underwear that mysteriously find their way under the bed.
*Interhome tip: *When packing your suitcase, it's well worth looking under all beds and inside every wardrobe, as well as in the far corners of the bathroom.

Tablets, laptops and charging equipment
Tablets, laptops, chargers and charger cables for mobile phones are also often left behind in holiday homes. Many holidaymakers hide their electronic devices in a safe place in their accommodation while they're out skiing or at night. Unfortunately, precisely these safe hiding places are often skipped when packing. There's often little mobile phone reception on high-altitude pistes or it can be complicated to pull your phone out of your rucksack. That digital detox is shrugged off again when we're back at our home from home, and we avidly text friends and family and scroll through social media. Afterwards, the charger often ends up on or even under the couch or bedside table...
Interhome tip: Before departing, check one last time that you really do have all your digital equipment, including charger cables. After all, who wants to risk having an empty rechargeable battery during a long trip home?

Skiing equipment
Pre-departure packing is often done in a rush because everyone is tired from their (après) skiing and wants to get in the car. This hectic situation often results in skiing equipment being left behind, be it poles, boots or even the skis themselves.
Interhome tip: Before leaving, check the terrace and ski storage room one last time.

There's nothing better than cooking yourself something tasty in your holiday home now and again. Balconies are frequently used as an extra fridge, and that's therefore where food and drinks are often left behind.
Interhome tip: Before you leave, take a peek outside on the balcony. After all, a journey home without food can seem endless...

Last but not least: sex toys and cash-filled envelopes
Forgotten property can also be quite exciting: Interhome staff have even found sex toys. It's understandable that people want to take them on holiday to warm up after a cold day skiing. Envelopes containing significant amounts of cash have also occasionally been found during post-stay cleaning. Although our cleaners greatly appreciate a small tip, in the aforementioned cases the sums were rather too generous, and they were transferred back to the guests' accounts.
Interhome tip: Before you leave your holiday home, take one last look in the drawer of your bedside table as well as on various shelves.

Bianca Gähweiler

Head of Media Relations

Bianca Gähweiler

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