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Hotelplan GroupMarch 3, 2015
Hotelplan Group

Hotelplan Group achieved a turnover of CHF 1.32 billion in the 2013/2014 financial year, reporting a 17.0% increase over the previous year. Key contributors to this organic growth were the Swiss tour operator Hotelplan Suisse, Interhome Group and Hotelplan UK.

In the 2013/2014 financial year running to 31 October 2014, Hotelplan Group reported a gratifying 17.0% rise in turnover to CHF 1,322.2 million. The lion’s share, CHF 152.5 million, can be attributed to the first-time full consolidation of Inter Chalet Ferienhaus-Gesellschaft mbH, which was acquired on 1 November 2013. The group posted an operating income before interest, taxes and amortization (EBITA) of CHF 26.6 million, compared to CHF 3.6 million in the previous year. This marked increase is primarily due to significantly improved results at Hotelplan Suisse, Interhome Group and Hotelplan Italia, as well as the profitably operating Inter Chalet Ferienhaus-Gesellschaft mbH.

Gratifying Swiss operations

Hotelplan Suisse reported a turnover of CHF 550.5 million for the year, a 4.6% increase on the prior-year result. After getting off to an excellent start, the 2013/2014 financial year was marred by the uncertain geopolitical situation in the spring of 2014 and unsatisfactory early summer business. However, the sales trend recovered and was more than compensated for by a strong upturn in short-term bookings for summer and autumn. Hotelplan Suisse posted an EBITA of CHF 12.5 million, compared to CHF 7.1 million in the previous year.
The switchover to the new booking platform left its mark on the financial year at the online travel agency Travelwindow Group with travel.ch and travel.at. Accordingly, the result remained at the prior-year level, with an EBITA decline of CHF -0.2 million compared to the previous year’s CHF 0.0 million.

Excellent results in the Holiday Home Division

An adjustment in sales strategy enabled the vacation rental home provider Interhome Group to increase turnover by 4.7% to CHF 191.4 million. Operating performance was also greatly enhanced, reaching with an EBITA of CHF 4.2 million a significant increase on the previous year’s CHF 1.7 million. This result – the best in seven years – was achieved due to a rigorous cost-cutting regime and restructuring measures.
In its first financial year,** Inter Chalet Ferienhaus-Gesellschaft mbH** achieved a turnover of EUR 125.3 million and an EBITA of EUR 5.9 million, thus meeting the high expectations.

Favourable results abroad

Hotelplan UK was able to increase turnover by 4.0% to GBP 204.5 million, despite the widespread flooding which affected southern England in early 2014. These exceptional circumstances did however have a detrimental impact on gross profit, a drop that could not be entirely recouped by the implemented cost-cutting measures. EBITA totalled GBP 4.7 million, compared to GBP 5.3 million in the previous year.
The restructuring measures of the previous year left Hotelplan Italia with a smaller but more focussed product portfolio and a lower cost structure commensurate with the new offering. The full effect of these measures was observed for the first time in the 2013/2014 financial year. High levels of unemployment in Italy coupled with a reform gridlock however mean that Hotelplan Italia has not yet turned the corner. Business was also negatively affected by the February to June 2014 travel ban to Sharm el-Sheikh. Turnover amounted to EUR 67.3 million, an expected drop of -11.2% on the prior-year level. EBITA improved by EUR 5.6 million to EUR -1.9 million.


Hotelplan Group is focusing on the further optimization of digital customer requirements, driving forward with corresponding services the development of innovative solutions for all business areas and processes within the group. Hotelplan Italia is expected to break even due to the planned further development of the online business and the expansion of the Italian travel agency network in cooperation with “Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze“ in the next financial year. In Switzerland, “HolidayJet – operated by Germania” will be commencing its 2015 summer season activities at the end of March. This new airline partnership will allow Hotelplan Suisse to offer in the long-term quality travel at attractive prices to all popular beach holiday destinations.

“We adjusted customer prices at our expense immediately after the decision by the SNB. This will have a negative impact on the Hotelplan Group result, but is advantageous and exceptionally attractive for our customers in Switzerland”, says Thomas Stirnimann, CEO Hotelplan Group. “Hotelplan Group is well positioned, in great shape technically and we are therefore looking to the future with optimism,” he adds.

Muriel Wolf Landau

Head of Communications

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