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Hotelplan Group reports markedly improved result

Hotelplan GroupMarch 4, 2014
Hotelplan Group

Hotelplan Group achieved a significant result improvement of CHF 22 million in the 2012/2013 financial year. The EBIT increase over the previous year's figure was driven by the good results at Hotelplan UK and the substantially improved situation at Hotelplan Italia.

The invoiced turnover of Hotelplan Group saw a slight 3% decline to CHF 1'463 million for the 2012/2013 financial year, which ran to 31 October 2013. Net turnover dropped by 6.0% to CHF 1.13 billion. The development of invoiced turnover in 2013 was a result of the planned decrease in turnover of EUR -32.3 million at Hotelplan Italia and the loss of turnover at Ascent Travel in Russia; by contrast, Hotelplan UK reported a gratifying growth in turnover of GBP 15.1 million. The group posted earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of CHF -4.0 million and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of CHF 14.2 million.

Successful start with Travel Service Airlines in Switzerland

Hotelplan Suisse lost its most important and largest partner at the beginning of the 2012/2013 financial year following the insolvency of the charter airline Hello. The tour operating business could not recover from the subsequent adjustments in 2013, and this had a negative impact on sales figures. The retailing business compensated for this and despite the political situation in Egypt, invoiced turnover amounted to CHF 837.8 million, almost reaching the prior-year level.

The loss of turnover in the beach holiday segment resulted in a drop in operating earnings on the prior-year figures: Hotelplan Suisse reported an EBITDA of CHF 9.5 million and an EBIT of CHF 2.1 million in 2013. Thanks to the stable performance of the business travel brand bta first travel and a pronounced sales increase in the branches, online and in the individual travel segment, the company was able to weather the change of charter airline and the partial suspension of travel to Egypt on a solid foundation.

The new cooperation between Hotelplan Suisse and the charter airline Travel Service Airlines has proved rewarding and will be continued in 2014. The Swiss tour operator is strengthening with immediate effect the focus on the proven all-round brand Hotelplan. To this end, Hotelplan's offering is to be expanded to include additional long-haul destinations. The premium travel brand Globus Reisen is also introducing the first new catalogues "Soley - Strandferien" (Greece/Cyprus/Sardinia and Spain/Portugal) to the Swiss travel market.

Interhome Group launches new sales platform

The vacation rental home provider Interhome has achieved an operational performance improvement over the previous business year, notably thanks to operating cost optimisation. The company reported an increase in turnover of 1.0% to CHF 182.9 million. An EBITDA of CHF 2.8 million and an EBIT of CHF 1.6 million attest to the solidity of the business model. A new Internet platform was also launched in the last business year, and this should have a beneficial effect on bookings.

Travelwindow Group announces optimised operating costs

Travelwindow's positive result was characterised by optimised operating costs and Inka Nobel's successful debut as the new CEO. With marginally positive results at travel.ch and travel.at, invoiced turnover in the year under review amounted to CHF 70.2 million, with an EBITDA of CHF 0.2 million and an EBIT of CHF 0.0 million.

Favourable results abroad

Hotelplan UK confirmed the turnaround in 2013. Inntravel's thriving niche market and the successful expansion of the summer programme contributed to the excellent result at Hotelplan UK. Turnover in the 2012/2013 business year exceeded targeted revenue goals at GBP 196.6 million: EBITDA totalled GBP 5.7 million and EBIT GBP 4.0 million.

Hotelplan Italia achieved a markedly better result in 2013 than in the previous year. Extensive restructuring measures led to more efficient cost structures and the product range was streamlined. This resulted in a drop in turnover to EUR 75.8 million, but was achieved on the one hand with significantly better margins and on the other hand with more efficient processes. EBITDA improved by EUR 10.1 million to EUR -6.6 million. Restructuring was completed in 2013, thus placing Hotelplan Italia in a favourable position for 2014.

Optimistic outlook

The strategically important 100% acquisition of Inter Chalet Ferienhaus-Gesellschaft mbH was completed on 1 November 2013. The figures will be consolidated for the first time in the 2013/2014 business year. After the closure of Travelwindow Group's activities in Sweden on travel.se, the activities will continue to be developed in Switzerland on travel.ch and Austria on travel.at. "We have not yet fully turned the corner with Hotelplan Group, but are fast approaching our goal," says Thomas Stirnimann, CEO Hotelplan Group. "Therefore in Switzerland we shall be focusing this year particularly on the establishment and market presence of our new partner airline Travel Service Airlines. In addition, Hotelplan Suisse will be lifting migros-ferien.ch and globusreisen.ch to new heights following the successful launch on hotelplan.ch and underpinned by the proven technology. And - last but not least - we can only hope that the situation in the destination regions of Egypt and Tunisia, which are so important to Hotelplan Suisse and Hotelplan Italia, will stabilise in 2014."

Bianca Gähweiler

Head of Media Relations

Bianca Gähweiler

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