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Hotelplan Group takes first steps in the blockchain

Hotelplan GroupNovember 16, 2022
Hotelplan Group

**Hotelplan Group is one of the first companies to become a validator in the blockchain initiated by the technology enterprise Chain4Travel. In addition, travel booked through Hotelplan Group can now be paid for with cryptocurrency. **

Hotelplan Group is among the first companies to join the tourism blockchain network launched by Chain4Travel. The company participated in the pre-sale of the Camino token (CAM) at the beginning of August 2022 and is taking on a validator role in the Camino blockchain. "Our innovation approach is to test and familiarise ourselves with new technologies at an early stage through small investments. Web 3.0 is a further important step in advancing digitalisation in the tourism industry. It is also an opportunity for new business models and more efficient processes," says Laura Meyer, CEO Hotelplan Group. The Camino blockchain by Chain4Travel creates a platform on which services, products and content can be acquired and sold on a decentralised basis. Moreover, blockchain supports efficient and secure transaction processing.

Pilot test with cryptocurrency
Since this April, travel booked through Hotelplan Group can also be paid for with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently accepted. For now, payment with cryptocurrencies is available for bookings with a file value of CHF 5,000.00 or more at the 83 Switzerland-wide Hotelplan Suisse branches and at Finass Reisen. "Should the new payment option appeal to our customers, we could definitely envisage offering it for online bookings and at our other Swiss business units Interhome Group and bta first travel," says Laura Meyer.

Chain4Travel in brief
The technology startup Chain4Travel is pursuing the development an international blockchain network for touristic B2B and B2C products. It enables tourism providers to book and pay for services by other partners using simplified processes. Network partners also have access to all the information and content they need for their business.

Muriel Wolf Landau

Head of Communications

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