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Interhome Group positions itself for the future

Hotelplan GroupFebruary 2, 2023

A two-person leadership team is taking charge of Interhome Group from 1 April 2023, when current CEO Jörg Herrmann will be joined by Sylvia Epaillard at the helm of the Swiss holiday home provider. By adopting a co-CEO structure, Interhome Group is positioning itself to operate with even greater agility in changing market conditions.

Interhome Group will be headed by a two-person leadership team from 1 April 2023, with Jörg Herrmann, CEO of Interhome Group since 2019, and Sylvia Epaillard to share the role of CEO. Both are members of the Hotelplan Group management board, reporting directly to Hotelplan Group CEO Laura Meyer. "The holiday home rental market is a growth market. With this shared leadership model, Interhome Group is investing in digital capabilities, notably to satisfy growing customer expectations. It also creates the capacity to optimise the portfolio and launch new sustainability initiatives. The new structure makes Interhome Group well equipped for the future, with the ability to act with agility and focus in the changing market environment", says Hotelplan Group CEO Laura Meyer.

Sylvia Epaillard is joining Interhome Group from the digital insurance provider Companjon, where she held the position of Chief Distribution Officer. Prior to this, she was responsible for driving forward digital advertising, marketing and sales in various sectors, among others at Google and TX Group. She latterly held the position of Co-Managing Director of Digital Ad Services at Goldbach Group, where she had the opportunity to gain experience in co-management. "Sylvia Epaillard has the ideal mix of skills and experience under her belt to drive forward digitalisation and further develop marketing and sales as Interhome Group's co-CEO and Chief Commercial & Digital Officer (CCDO). On behalf of the group management board, I would like to wish her much satisfaction and success in her new role," says Laura Meyer.

As co-CEO and Chief Operations Officer (COO), Jörg Herrmann will focus on procurement and sustainability activities. Together, Jörg Herrmann and Sylvia Epaillard will continue to shape the company's vision of being 'Europe's most sustainable holiday home provider that delivers excellent on-site service to its guests and property owners'.

Photo material of Sylvia Epaillard and Jörg Herrmann can be downloaded here.

Bianca Gähweiler

Head of Media Relations

Bianca Gähweiler

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